Tree Care

With over 20 years’ experience, our fully qualified tree technicians are able to offer a full Tree Care package. Through our reputation for reliability, service and value for all our clients both commercial and domestic, we ensure a safe working environment and client satisfaction is of top priority.


Crown Raising

Trees and bushes can become a hindrance to pedestrians, buildings and road signs. Our service alleviates these issues by removing the lower branches as and where required.

Crown Reduction and Shaping

Involves the reduction to the width or height of a mature tree; Re-shaping is necessary when they become overgrown or hazardous to the surrounding environment.

Crown Cleaning and Thinning/ Dead Wooding

By removing dead or dying branches within the crown of a tree, allows it to grow more efficiently by providing more light and air movement within the crown.


This is the removal of all branches from a tree’s crown In order to promote new growth from each branch.


Tree Felling

It is necessary to remove a tree if they are posing a safety risk or if they have died, are diseased or dying. Our service offer two ways to resolve this either by a single felling or sectional dismantling. Our fully trained tree technicians will ensure any tree that is felled is carried out in accordance with the current legislation and under strict safety controls. All felled trees will be removed as part of this service.